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As a NAPA AutoCare center serving the greater Sonoma County area, the team of automotive repair professionals at MAFFEIS Automotive know's the key to keeping your car or truck running smoothly on the roads is regular maintenance. Our team also knows that people in our community should not be required to forgo trust and the peace of mind when locating a great and affordable automotive repair shop like here at MAFFEIS Automotive. Our decision to be a Napa AutoCare Center is built around our commitment to providing our customers service that is based on integrity, our qualifications, and our expertise when it comes to repairing cars and trucks, both foreign and domestic. It does not matter if you need routine maintenance or a major repair, each and every time you bring your vehicle to MAFFEIS Automotive for a repair or service we have you covered. Our team of ASE Master Certified technicians often use the best NAPA auto parts when providing an exceptional levels of service. This is how MAFFEIS Automotive ensures you get the most excpetional service each and every time. Our designation as an NAPA AutoCare Center also enables us to give our customers a 12 month, 12,000 mile Nationwide Peace of Mind Warranty.

x Oil Change & Filter & Lube., Brake Service & Repairs., 30,000 60,000 90,000 Mile Services., 4X4 Front & Rear End Service & Repairs., Transfer Case Service & Replacements., Transmission Service & Replacements., Timing Belt Replacements., Serpentine Belt Replacements., Smog Check & Inspection & Repairs., State Brake & Lamp Inspection & Repairs., Air Conditioning Service & Repairs., Heater Service & Repair., Check Engine Light Service., Computer Diagnostics., Cooling System Service., Radiator Hoses Replacement., Radiator Cap Testing & Repair., Water Pump Service & Repair., Engine Replacements., Cylinder Head/Gaskets Replacement., Head Lamp Aiming / Replacement., Windshield Wiper Sales & Service., Electrical Service & Repairs., Battery Sales & Service, Testing & Replacement., Charging System Testing., C.V. Drive Axle Service & Repairs., Wheel Bearing Service & Repairs., Front End Service & Repairs., Shock & Strut Service & Replacement., Fuel System Service., Fuel Injection Cleaning Service., Intake Induction Cleaning., Diesel Service & Repairs., Diesel Fuel Injection Service., Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Service., Cabin Air Filter Replacement., Odor Removal Service., Clutch Replacement Service., Fly Wheel Replacement., Brake & Rotor Turning Service (Up to 1 Ton)., Press Work Service., Drive Line Service., U-Joint Service & Repair., Power Steering Service & Repair., Rack & Pinion Service & Replacement., Super Charger Service & Repair., Turbo Charger Service & Repair., Distributor Service & Repair., MSD Ignition Testing/Service., High Performance Tuning., NOS Service & Repair., ECM Computer Reprogramming Service., BCM Computer Reprogramming Service., CARFAX Service & Repair Center., Carburetor Service & Rebuilding., Fuel Pump Replacement., Fuel Tanking Cleaning Service., Electric Window Motor Replacement., Electric Door Lock Service., Cruise Control Service., GPS/Radio Service., Instrument /Dash board/Gauges Service., Seat Belts Repair., Heated Seats Service., Mirror Replacement., Steering Column/Key Lock Service.
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MAFFEIS Automotive Can Service Your Car Or Truck & Hybrid. We Repair All Makes & Models.

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MAFFEIS BRAKE & LAMP INSPECTION & REPAIR STATION When you purchase a vehicle with a salvaged title, make sure you take it to the experts at MAFFEIS Automotive for a comprehensive brake and lamp inspection. MAFFEIS Automotive is an official brake and lamp inspector for the state of California. We can certify all makes and models of salvaged cars, trucks, vans, 4x4s, RVs, and any vehicle below 10,000 lbs gross weight. During your inspection our ASE-certified Master techs will check your complete brake system including shoes, pads, hardware, lamps, and E-brake. We'll also examine all aspects of your lamp system, adjust your headlights, and clear the reflectors
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~~ Hybrid Services Factory Scheduled Maintenance State of Health Battery Testing & Conditioning High Voltage Battery Testing & Conditioning High Voltage Cable Inspection & Repair Brake System Repair & Maintenance Transmission Fluid Flush Heating & Cooling System Repair
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Here at MAFFEIS Automotive we know all about oil and automobiles. Just like clean water is vital for the human body, clean oil is vital for our cars and trucks. However, while we continue to hydrate and nourish our bodies, sometimes it's easy to forget about our vehicles. And with all of the driving, traveling, chauffeuring, and transporting required of our wheels today, it would only be right to give it a little pick-me-up with an oil change at your local auto shop. Don't let another day pass by. Bring your pickup, van, convertible, car, truck, or whatever set of wheels you have to our friendly service providers and we'll happily change your vehicle oil and get you running smoothly so you can continue changing the world.
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MAFFEIS Automotive is committed to providing the best quality of auto repair service to its customers. We rigorously follow the established code of ethics of the NAPA Auto Care. We are also pledged to the Code of Responsible Automotive Servicing Practices and the ASE Master Certified Auto & Truck Technicians' Code of Ethics. Our support to ASE is evident from our technicians, who are all ASE Master certified and adhere to its exacting standards, constantly upgrading their skills. The customer is always at the center of our services and we pride ourselves on providing the best value.
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MAFFEIS Automotive is a Star certified official State of California Smog Test & Repair Station located in Healdsburg, CA licensed with the Bureau of Automotive Repair to perform smog checks for all makes and models of automobiles, diesel trucks and motorhomes as required by the DMV. We are a family owned and operated business with a certified Star, A Master ASE technician and take pride in providing high-quality service &repair.
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We are a certified Carfax service center! We will report all services to your vehicle! This will be a permanent record of your vehicles service history. This will both, be a valuable tool for you to track your service AND add value to your vehicles resale value by proving that YOU have a perfectly maintained vehicle from MAFFEIS Automotive.
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About NAPA AutoCare NAPA AUTOCARE MEANS QUALITY Regular maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your vehicle. But you shouldn't have to sacrifice trust and peace of mind when finding a repair center for your automobile. NAPA AutoCare Centers are built around a quality standard where independent repair business owners are invited to join based on integrity, qualifications and expertise. MAFFEIS Is NAPA AutoCare Center So ensures you get the best in class service that you deserve. From routine maintenance to major repairs, we've got you covered. Our ASE-certified Master technicians use high-quality NAPA parts and provide exceptional work; work that you can feel confident about, knowing it's backed by our 24 month, 24,000 mile Nationwide Peace of Mind Warranty. With the largest network of independent mechanics in the U.S. Give Us A Call Today!
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Gasoline and Diesel Powered Vehicles Brake Repairs and Service / ABS Brake Drum & Rotor Turning Service Smog Check Service and Repairs Engine Service and Repairs / Tune Up Computer Diagnostics Using Manufacturer Level Scan Tools Automatic Transmission System Repairs and Service Exhaust and Emission System Repairs Check Engine Light & Computer Diagnostics Power Steering System Service Air Conditioning and Heater Service Manual Transmission and Clutch Service Complex Electrical Diagnosis Scheduled Manufacturer Maintenance Services i.e. 15/30/45/60/75/100K Mile Services Fluid Inspections and Top-Off Shocks and Struts Replacements Quality Oil Change Services Battery Inspection / Charging Systems Battery Sales / Service Timing Belt Replacements E.F.I
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